Crutherland House Wedding Fayre and more…

Cakes By Fiona Bird

Celebration Cakes
By Fiona Bird

The Crutherland House wedding fayre this Sunday the 21st of September has been cancelled due to the organiser falling ill. Hopefully this will be rescheduled for some time next year.  However, Fiona will be exhibiting at doing the Hilton Grosvenor on the 5th October, Castle Cary hotel in Cumbernauld on the 12th October, Westerwood Hotel on the 19th October and the Shawlands on the 9th of November.

Stunning Prada Cake

Prada 6-tier Cake - quote Prada

Prada 6-tier Cake

Having had a busy summer and going into September and October with limited availability we have been hard at work and are delighted to bring you our newest cake shown here on the right. This is our Prada Cake – a stunning 6-tier ruffle cake with shimmering top tier. To get a quote / place an order contact us quoting “Prada” and we will be delighted to get back to you. Choice of ribbon colours to suit.

We are continuing to update the website  and hope to have our full collection of cakes on in the next few weeks.  We will also be keeping you up to date with new cake designs, and customised favourites.  For a full range of cakes follow us on our facebook page, twitter or pinterest.

Variation on the Most Popular Cake…

The Crompton Cake - a variation on the Kidman Cake

The Crompton Cake
Variation on Kidman Cake

The Crompton cake is a new take on the Kidman cake with a square base and pearls in each daisy instead of diamontees.  This 3 tier cake is topped with a styrofoam ball tastefully decorated with the daisies and pearls.  The middle tier is surrounded by edible flowers with intermittent pearls.  Find out more information about ordering etc on our Wedding Page here…

So many cakes to choose from….

Cakes By Fiona Bird

If you’ve had a chance to look at Fiona’s Facebook page you will have seen the huge number of cakes that she has made over the last few years.  Each cake has been custom made by hand to enhance whatever special occasion they are made for.  Anyone can make a cake but it takes real skill to craft each one into the works of art that Fiona’s creations become.  However, there is no point having a cake that looks nice and taste is something that also matters.  Fiona offers cakes in a variety of types and flavours including madeira sponge, chocolate, orange, lemon, fruit and toffee flavoured cakes…

Since Fiona has uploaded all the photographs over the last few years, we are doing our best with the website to get as many of these cakes uploaded as possible and so far we have managed to publish a few cakes on the Wedding and Novelty and Celebration cakes pages.  We will continue to upload as much information and cake pictures as possible in the next few weeks and soon everyone who visits will be able to see the entire collection to date…..Watch this space for details…