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62 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi im looking for an engagement cake for my daughter for 7/8/14 .how much is it for a 1 teir cake and for a2 teir cake .i dont think she would want anything too fancy

    • Looking for cake 477 for sat 7 th oct also its for 30th for tasha loves victoria sponge also another one for megan just birthday bottle vodka choc fudge delivery to hup lee

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  3. Hi I am getting married on the 6th of February 2016. I had a cake booked with someone else but they now can’t do it so I am needing someone else fast! If you are free that day if you could please email me back. Thank you

  4. Hi fiona
    I ordered a Kidman cake for my silver wedding in Christ the king in September and it was fabulous
    I now have my husbands 50th on 16 Jan and was wondering if you could do a golfer cake
    Can you tell me how much? a square 1 tier would be fine

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  7. Hi There,

    I’m getting married on August 12th, 2016 in EK at the Crutherland hotel and was wondering how much you charge for wedding cake? We aren’t looking for anything huge or too fancy and ideally a vanilla/jam sponge cake, we don’t want traditional as nobody will eat that. Please let me know options as soon as possible.

    Thank You

  8. Looking into our options in the Lanarkshire area for wedding cakes, do you cake tasting days etc?

  9. Hi

    i was wondering if you could please give me some quotes for the Douglas cake, Lagerfield cake, Jessica cake and Jeffrey cake.

    Thank you


  10. Hi Fiona
    Got ur details off Barry
    Looking for a cake for 8 people to celebrate a 1 st anniversary and a mans birthday – don’t want two cakes , so looking for half that says happy anniversary and the other half happy birthday
    Need this for sat 1 October , can u do this?

  11. Hi my friend Andrew Kerr recommended you. I’m looking to get an avengers cake of some sort made for my sons 2nd birthday. Would need it for next Saturday 7th if possible, I’ve had a search online and saw some I like but would be opened to any suggestions that you have.

  12. Hi Fiona
    It’s Elaine Diamond could you tell me what deposit Brogan paid you so that I can pay her and can u tell me when you want me to pay the balance due to you .
    I am so excited about seeing the cake !!! Thank you

  13. Hi Fiona,

    It’s Sharon Rolwich…could you please give me a price for christening 30 is for my niece’s communion on 13th May.

  14. Hi I am looking for a 70th birthday cake 2-in-1 for both my mother and father. I was thinking of something like a square cake with two recliner chairs with a man and woman sitting on one each watching tv if possible and rough cost. It is required for 20th may. Just plain sponge

  15. Good morning

    I was wondering if you could quote me a price for a 16th Birthday Cake either Mac make up or a Pug. Plain sponge no jam. Not sure if I am too late to order as it would be required for 15th June.

  16. Just wondering how much the Imogen cake is without top ball, also when you next cake tasting dates are.

  17. Hi Looking for a 30th birthday cake. Spice Girls. required for 13th Sept.
    can you let me know if you have availability and a cost also.
    Many thanks

  18. Hi, I was wondering if you could do a photo cake for 2 people (just one cake, mother and daughter share same birthday), it would be rectangle in shape enough for 10 people, with a picture of them both, again both in same picture and with their names and ages somewhere one is 21 and the other is 50. Not looking for anything too extravagant. Many thanks.

  19. Celebration 378 – Motherwell cake

    Hi there, looking for a price for this cake for a 60 th birthday on 10th Feb 2018. The figure to have the nos 60 on the back of the shirt.

    Thank you

  20. Hi I’m looking for a price on cakes
    Celebration 509
    Celebration 154
    Celebration 104
    This would be for Wednesday 17th January
    154 is the strong favourite if possible to do for this date.

  21. I am looking for a single tier cake for my husbands 50th birthday in april. Probably with a tool theme. Can you give me an idea on price?

  22. Hi I was looking for a birthday cake for my son Paul who will be 8 need to have it for Friday 23rd of March
    Was looking for a dairy milk cake or a burger style cake could you be available and also give me some ideas and prices
    Thank you

  23. Hi I was looking for a birthday cake for my daughter Alison who will be 18 need to have it for Fri 6th April, was looking for a stitch character cake one or two tier, could you be available and could you please give me some ideas and prices
    Thank you

  24. Hi I am looking for a price for a 21st birthday cake for my son. The cake would be required for the 9/6/18. I have looked at your website and like celebration 307 if the bottle could be designed as a grey goose vodka bottle.
    Many Thanks

  25. Hi, could you give me a quote for fairy castle 3 (cake 99) and how far in advance would i need to order? Also do you do ‘masha and the bear’ cakes and if you do could i see some examples via email if not i have a pboto of one i like wouls u be able to design it to the same. Thanks, stephanie.

  26. Hi I’m looking for a birthday cake for my daughter in-law 30th I need it for Friday and what price are you talking about

  27. Hi looking for an 80th birthday cake for 08/09 …not sure if that can be accommodated in time frame if someone could contact me that would be great, thanks Lesley

  28. Hi there I a looking for a 60th birthday cake for my husband, nothing too fancy , possibly one large tier, maybe a football jersey shape, I need this for the 9/11, can you give me a rough idea of the price and if you could make this for then

  29. Please can you give me a price for a photo cake? need for 21st February if thats possible. Can you email sizes and prices, thanks

  30. Hi Fiona,
    I’m looking for a quote for the 2-tier Sara Cake. The wedding is on 7/9/19 with around 70 guests.
    Kind regards,
    Eddie Kearney.

  31. Hi Fiona
    I’m looking for a 5 nights at freddys cake for my daughters birthday party on 3rd March. I can forward you a picture of what I’d like if you can fit me in. Thanks

  32. Hi I’m looking for a pj mask cake just sponge cake with pj mask design . Needs to be vegetarian how much would it be? I would need it for the 6/7 July thanks

  33. Hi, I’m looking for information on ” Celebration 477″ as to how much would it cost, can the figure be moved & how far in advance do you need to order?, Thanks

  34. Hi I was wondering if you could do a bingo themed birthday cake? It’s for my mums birthday and I would need it for the 10th October 2019.whzt would the cost be also? Many thanks Diane

  35. Hello, I am very interested in your services, and see a possible co-operation with my company which is active in the fields of hospitality events and catering. Please call me at 08701861633 for further information.

  36. Looking for Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake that can be delivered by Tuesday 23rd June. Anniversary 25th June

  37. Looking for a 30 birthday cake for my daughter need for 22nd August can you give me some prices ana designs thanks .

  38. I am looking for a 40th birthday cake to be picked up on the 17th August, I like Celebration 479. Could you please tell me the prize or would you be able to another design? Thank you

  39. Looking for a price for a baby shower cake, 1/2 tier depending on price . I have left it a bit late as it’s for 29th August

  40. Hi there
    Can you give me a quote for Celebration 479 and 504 please?
    Birthday is on 27th October. Would like it for 24th. Thanks

  41. Hi,

    Looking for a 2 tier birthday cake for a 21st, not sure of theme. Possibly red velvet sponge if you do it? If not chocolate sponge.
    It’s for 5th November birthday, can you give me an estimated quote and let me know if you have availability please, thank you.

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  43. Celebration 482. Would it be possible to have this cake made with Rose gold, pink and gold for my daughter’s 16th birthday on 17th July. Also what would it cost. Thanks.

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    I just noticed that there is the “error 500” appearing on some of your website pages. I’m pretty positive that those types of errors won’t be appreciated by your customers and you are basically losing money as a result, plus they can significantly reduce the number of clicks from Google.

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  45. I’m looking for a birthday cake and was thinking g of getting it in the design of a monstera leaf on a black background if possible but short notice and would be ideal if it was possible to get it for Wednesday the 18th if possible. Let me know if this is possible please.

  46. Hi

    I am looking for the price of 6 cupcakes with varied retirement messages on them for the 14th of October e.g. Happy Retirement, Shirley, Miss YOU. Would appreciate it if you could give me pricing.

  47. Hi

    Looking to see if you could create a tool box birthday cake for the 26th of August. Could you advice on a price please. Thanks.

  48. Hi ,

    I’m looking for a cake for my wife’s 50th birthday. I realise this is really short notice but I would need to pick it up on Saturday 28th October.


    • Celebration 418 – Hi, looking to get a cake for my mum’s 60th for this Sunday. What would the price be on 418? Apologies for the short notice

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